Veneto Region of Italy Discover Winetraders' Italy Redolent of both wealth and history and sporting a blissful mélange of Palladian, Mediaeval and Renaissance influences, the Veneto manages to combine modern industrial sprawl with architectural chic.

The Veneto has made the most of its viticultural heritage and was the first Italian region to explore the emerging markets of the Far East. It now produces more wine - and more DOC wine - than any other region. Not all of it is of merit, however, and many question how a narrow band of vineyards that run east-west along the foothills of the Dolomites manages to produce such colossal volumes.

Terroir nevertheless continues to shape the wines from small, quality producers that we represent. Soave and Valpolicella originate from contiguous vineyards but come from soils that could not be more different. New regions such as the Colli Berici are making a name for themselves with international varieties and is a sure sign of this volcanic region’s potential. Giovanna Tantini certainly understands the glacial moraines on which her Bardolino vineyards are planted and it’s no wonder that her wines are the DOC’s most lauded. Marinella Camerani has not let the string of awards she’s won go to her head - her Valpolicella is as poised as ever. Far to the east, Carlo Zucchetto’s Prosecco is a dry and complex version of Italy’s favourite bubbly.

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