La di Motte

No more rants about Pinot Grigio, the necessary evil.  Instead, more about the extremely good wines made by La di Motte which is now both Azienda Agricola and DOC.  With the financial muscle of the Botter empire behind it La di Motte wants for nothing.  It’s a large estate by Italian standards - more than 100 hectares - planted with the usual mix of Venetian varieties but what’s unusual is the programme of continuous replanting.  New clones and high densities are unusual in a DOC known for the generosity of her vineyards.

More than 80% of the vineyards now on high-density Cordone Speronato, the Italian variant of Single Guyot that works so well on the broad swathe of alluvial bench that characterises the Piave DOC.  Wines such as the Pinot Grigio show that it’s paying dividends.  There’s a concentrated backbone of nutty, varietal character with citrus notes and a salty edge. 

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