Fattoria Nicodemi


The Nicodemi estate was founded in the early 20th century by Elena Nicodemi’s grandfather, Carlo. Bruno, his son, assumed the reins in the early 1960s and, helped by a second income from his medical practice, set about producing the best wines of the Abruzzo. A major replanting programme followed by a new cellar established Nicodemi as one of the region’s few producers who placed quality above quantity. Bruno passed away unexpectedly in 1998 and the estate faltered whilst Elena and her brother, Alessandro, decided just what they wanted to do.Fattoria Nicodemi Italian wine

Fortunately, Elena decided to turn her back on a promising career as an architect and returned to the homestead with a clarity of purpose I’ve seldom seen. Ably assisted by the talents of Federico Curtaz and Paolo Caciorgna these are shining examples of just what can be done with Italy’s native varieties. The Trebbiano is hugely expressive with ripe stone fruit, floral notes, and masses of mouth-watering acidity. The Montepulciano sports sufficient acidity and tannins to tame the bramble and black cherry fruit and it’s marvellous with kid, lamb, rabbit and game birds.




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