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Philip Day discusses Fefiñanes in Escapement Magazine 

18 October 2014 Categories: Producers

Yet another reason to visit Bodegas del Palacio de Fefiñanes, one of the oldest and most prestigious wineries of the Rias Baixas DO - click here to see the full article.

'unique' charms of Terre Bianche Pigato recognised  

24 August 2012 Categories: Producers

We are pleased to see our Terre Bianche Pigato being recognised for it's quality by the highly regarded 'Wall Street journal '.

In the article 'The Unique Charms of 'Miscellaneous Wines'published on the 19th August 2012, wine writer Lettie Teague laments the use of this 'wine list' term, but highlights the quality and diversity of wines often hidden in the category.

She highlights Italy's incredible range of grape varieties - 'in fact, the obscure whites of Italy could fill an entire wine list'. She also notes that 'these grapes are responsible for some of the most interesting wines made in Italy today.

The Pigato grape is chosen as one of her favourites, which she says can age particularly well.

A 'top producer' of this wonderful grape variety is chosen as being Terre Bianche, and it is noted that these wines can show great nuance with enticing aromas of Almonds and Citrus.

We believe that Terre Bianche produce the outstanding example of this true gem of a variatel. We currently have the 2012 vintage available of this wine which should be tasted to experience the unique character of Pigato.

To see the full article please click here.

Top spot for La Monacesca in Waitrose Spring collection 

01 June 2011 Categories: Producers

Click here to read Juel Mahoney's review of the Italian white wines in the Waitrose Spring collection 2011 in Vinissima - top spot goes to La Monacesca's 2009 Verdicchio di Matelica...

Sarah McCleery on being in love with Castello di Bossi 

30 May 2011 Categories: Producers

Click here to read about the McCleery family's holiday romance with Castello di Bossi...